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F. Miller Hair Oil & MAKE Beauty Moonlight Primer

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This primer is unlike any primer I've used.  Right from the pump, it looks like a black/charcoal colored shimmery gel, then after massaging it into your skin, it becomes a clear gel and finally into a white cream. The cream dries colorless and matte. This primer controls shine and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It's silicone free and protects skin from pollution and HEV Light. Be prepared to spend a few seconds working the product into your skin and allow it to set before applying makeup over it.




This oil makes chemically treated hair look and feel healthy. It works best on dry or almost dry hair. Admittedly, I have used too much of this product multiple times. Use a tiny amount (a drop or two) and rub it into your palms then apply to the ends of your hair. It truly makes hair that resembles straw look shiny and healthy.

Note* The dropper is black but I accidentally swapped it for a white one when photographing this.

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