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spotlight brightening mask

Saturday Skin Spotlight Brightening Mask

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Saturday Skin Spotlight Brightening Mask

Saturday Skin is the latest Korean beauty brand you should know about. The brand launched last last July. It's an extension of one of Korea’s most renowned wellness centers called Chaum. Chaum is an research institution/spa/clinic that focuses on anti-aging. The rich and famous of Korea frequent the clinic for beauty treatments and these products are a take-home version.

I first tried out the Spotlight Brightening Mask a few weeks ago when my skin looked particularly dull. I used it after a detoxifying mask and loved the results. It's moisturizing, calming and really does brighten your skin. There is a lot of excess serum that you have to rub into your neck/chest after use. I followed the mask with a touch of moisturizer and applied makeup over it with no issues. This is a perfect anytime mask that's affordable and luxurious.

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